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People, who switch to our VoIP services, may expect savings of between 35 and 55% off of their traditional phone bills, and sometimes even more.
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eCom Direct, Inc. is a wireless high-speed Internet service provider ("WISP") and ecommerce center with plans to expand its wireless network to cover under-represented markets in five states: Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. As the company grows, additional states - and even other countries - may be added.

eCom Direct will provide its customers reliable Internet connection through a Motorola WiMax-compatible wireless network. Customers will be able to receive DSL-comparable speeds that are over 100x faster than dial-up.

Like the traditional phone and cable companies, eCom Direct will also offer residential and commercial phone service through a rapidly growing VoIP ("Voice over Internet Protocol") phone company.

The Company's mission is to close the communication and information divide present in rural and less-densely populated areas by providing cost-effective access to high quality Internet and web-based services.

The tremendous growth in the broadband industry, coupled with the cable internet and DSL providers' inability to reach millions of customers outside of their hard-wire network, has created an awesome business opportunity for wireless ISPs like eCom Direct.

eCom Direct will offer both business and residential customers:

1. Quality, reliable Internet service otherwise not available in their area
2. Access to the web for news, email, online shopping, ecommerce, educational research, and much more
3. Internet speeds that are over 100x faster than dial-up through revolutionary WiMax technology
4. Internet-based services such as VoIP phone service, Video telephony, and IP television .

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